The Bike Shed

The Bike Shed

On The Bike Shed, hosts Derek Prior, Sean Griffin, and guests discuss their development experience and challenges with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and whatever else is drawing their attention, admiration, or ire this week.

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    165: The Tables Have Turned

    Chris & Derek talk about beginnings and ends, borrowing from their consulting mindset for a conversation spanning CI, deployment, communication, team structure, and everything in between.

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    163: Insert Some Colons For Me

    After Sean confronts some breaking changes to Diesel, we discuss what we like about Visual Studio Code and how changing your tools can change your perspective.

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    161: Re-Incoherence

    Rails performance, rebalancing coherence, and themes from career advice requests.

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    160: Praise Hands Emoji 🙌 (Vaidehi Joshi)

    We're joined by Vaidehi Joshi to discuss her multimedia empire, conference talk prep, getting started with computer science, and the applicability of a computer science education in every day development work. We wrap the episode with live Q&A from our RailsConf audience.

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    159: Confusing and Hard to Use

    An ORM that's a pleasure to use with raw SQL when needed? Sean discusses how that can be. Plus, Derek shares a new and exciting way for migrations to break!

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    158: This is How I Ruin Meetings (Aaron Patterson)

    We're joined by Aaron Patterson for puns. Aaron also updates us on compacting GC for Ruby and Ruby 2.6's JIT compiler before telling us how he really feels about functional programming.

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