The Bike Shed

The Bike Shed

On The Bike Shed, hosts Derek Prior, Sean Griffin, Amanda Hill, and guests discuss their development experience and challenges with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and whatever else is drawing their attention, admiration, or ire this week.

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    102: To the Moon!

    Going "to" the moon, hidden type errors in our Rails apps, the process of talk prep, and the S3 outage.

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    101: Hey, You Leaned!

    Amanda and Sean discuss the evolving stages of open source projects, native apps vs web apps, and space.

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    100: Nouns You Can Verb

    Sam Phippen helps us celebrate episode 100, as we discuss Diesel bugs, REST, RPC, and more.

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    99: Just Sayin'

    We go into the weeds with MySQL and discuss the virtues of database migrations written in SQL.

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    98: I Have Good Branch Hygiene

    We discuss complexity and progressive disclosure, garbage collection, and the impenetrable nature of Git.

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    97: One Equals Zero

    We wonder why writing parameterized associations in Rails is not easy, and discuss the difficulty in eliminating no-op queries in ActiveRecord. Plus, we discuss how you can give a great RailsConf talk proposal that doesn't have anything to do with Rails.

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    96: Who Stinks?

    Baby Ruby, Ruby refinements, Rails discoverability, and annoying polyfills.

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    93: I Have Complex Feelings

    The impact of codes of conduct on community behavior, shipping a mobile app written in Elm, and yet more to say on SemVer.

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    92: The Queen of Canada

    We discuss the sneaky performance differences between present?, any?, blank? and empty? with ActiveRecord, when N+1 is a "feature", and the future of Diesel.

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    91: I Think It's a Fish

    Derek briefly complains of the staleness of the asset pipeline in Rails 5, before Sean catches Derek up on Rails 5.1's support for Webpack, Yarn, and ES6. We also discuss the pain of deprecations in the upgrade to Rails 5.

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    90: Freedom Units

    We discuss adventures with shared mutable state in Elixir before turning to our thoughts on mocking HTTP interaction and how our approaches may differ depending on the language we’re using.

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    88: How Many Puppies Now?

    Amanda and Sean discuss talk prep and slide envy before diving in to Kotlin 1.0.5, UTF-8 identifiers in programming, and responsive layouts in Android.

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    85: Are We in a Black Hole?

    We briefly ponder the very nature of our existence before discussing edge cases and interesting bugs encountered in ActiveRecord.

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    84: Why Are Manhole Covers Round?

    What do we look for when reviewing job applications, interviewing candidates, and pairing with prospective co-workers?

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    83: Canadian Halloween

    Sean encounters a roadblock in updating Diesel to use Rust’s new soon-to-be-stabilized procedural macros. Derek and Sean discuss the most recent CVE filed for Bundler, which is a lot like the previous CVE filed for Bundler.

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    82: I Just Want a Dog in a Spacesuit

    We discuss the problems with getting a CVE and the new lightning fast search tool, ripgrep. Sandwiched between those topics, we dive into the colonization of Mars. Yes, that's right, Mars.

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    81: Is This Really a CVE?

    Derek and Sean talk through how to handle a security vulnerability that was reported for Clearance, a user authentication library.

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    80: Back to the Futures

    What's appropriate for a web middleware stack to provide? Does Rack do too much? Plus, our thoughts on NeoVim and Vim 8.

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    79: Comments in Your Queries

    Derek and Sean talk through some complex SQL before they examine the calluses developed from years of writing software on OS X.

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    78: I'm an Adult and I Choose Java

    Sean and Amanda discuss the state of Android Development in 2016. Java, Kotlin, Dependency Injection, and Functional Reactive Programming, oh my!

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    76: The One With Laila & Brenda

    Between thoughtbot's Summer Summit and Sean's vacation, we are sadly without a new episode this week. However, we would love you all to check out thoughtbot's newest podcast, interviewing inspirational designers, developers, and other makers in tech, The Laila & Brenda Show!

    Give their latest episode a listen here, and if you like it subscribe to their feed however you listen to podcasts!

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    75: I'm Not Sure That's Better

    Derek and Sean discuss hunting down intermittently failing tests, finding unused code in your application, and why you should never ever change your test framework.

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    74: A Dip in the Connection Pool

    We talk through design considerations for a user-visible custom query builder for a high volume ecommerce system.

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    73: Probably In My Other Pants

    We discuss Pokémon Go and what its success might mean for software developers before Sean lays out his case for replacing the pg gem and libpq.

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    71: It's a Total Hack

    Inspired by Nickolas Means’ fantastic RailsConf keynote, we discuss the corollaries between Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works projects and our software development projects.

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    70: Make Small Things (Sandi Metz)

    Sandi Metz joins us live from RailsConf to talk about the rules, the trouble with naming things, making the right kinds of errors, and conference speaking.

    A big thanks to everyone who came out to our live show! A video version of this episode is available on the thoughtbot YouTube Page.

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    69: No More Drills

    We discuss thoughtbot's increasing use of Elixir and Phoenix and what that means for our Rails work before diving into what's new in Elixir 1.3 and Ecto 2.0.

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    68: Mostly Undocumented

    Sean runs through a Rails bug that sits at the intersection of several magical and confusing Rails features.

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    67: Longtime Listener, First Time Caller (Rafael Franca)

    Leading Rails contributor Rafael Franca joins us from RailsConf to talk about taking over Sprockets, the future of the asset pipeline in Rails, managing Rails dependencies, and the hard work of software maintenance.

    Also, Sean said you'd all "definitely" have the final build of Rails 5 by now. Whoops!

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    65: Free as in Puppy (Katrina Owen)

    While at RailsConf, we talk with Katrina Owen about finding metaphors for software development, the successes and mistakes of, and the benefits of providing code reviews.

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    64: Open Mic SF

    Open Mic is back by popular demand, this time in San Francisco. We hear from developers in thoughtbot's San Francisco office about their recent investment time projects.

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    61: I'm Not Telling You My Birthday

    "Send me an email every year for my birthday" is an easy thing for a human to understand but it can be deceptively tricky to do with computers. Also tricky for (some) computers: SELECT * FROM <empty_table>. Wait... what?

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    60: Remote Control (Katherine Fellows)

    KF (Katherine Fellows) joins the show to chat about successful BridgeFoundry events and creating environments where remote developers, junior and otherwise, can thrive.

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    59: I Wish They Wouldn't Do That

    Derek and Sean discuss the left-pad saga, how other programming communities are reacting to it, and what you should learn from it as a library or application author.

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    58: Nobody Gets Fired For Buying IBM

    Should you rewrite or refactor? What should you consider as you weigh this decision and what exactly constitutes a rewrite anyway?

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    56: Most People Aren't Building Trello

    Is ActiveRecord reinventing Sequel? If it is, does it matter? Derek and Sean discuss that and whether maybe we could all stand to tone down the JavaScript.

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    55: Hot Dog is Not a Dessert

    Derek and Sean talk about their experience with the Rails 5 betas, how to test against them today, and things that you might want to look out for when updating your app.

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    54: Argument Error

    Derek shares some Elixir annoyances with Sean and they discus how a consulting role colors their perception of languages and frameworks, both for better and for worse. Sean provides an update on SQLite and Association support in Diesel.

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    53: Cache Machine

    Laila and Derek go on a tour of the various caching mechanisms available to web applications in general, and Rails specifically. When is the right time to cache and at what level?

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    52: You're an Elixir Developer Now

    Derek and Laila discuss Derek's excitement for Elixir and Phoenix. Is Elixir as fun to write as Ruby? Is Phoenix a better Rails?

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    51: Is Sim City Running? (Steve Klabnik)

    We enjoy a wide-ranging discussion with Steve Klabnik on the importance of good documentation, the sometimes cloudy definition of a breaking change, the politics of open source contributions, and work/life balance or boundaries.

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    50: Open Mic

    It's Open Mic day at The Bike Shed. We hear from other thoughtbot designers and developers about what they're excited to be spending their investment time on lately.

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    49: A More Practical Haskell

    How can an ORM be faster than a SQL String? Laila and Sean discuss the latest happenings in Diesel and why it is that a systems language needs an ORM, anyway.

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    48: Is Everyone Trying Their Best?

    Software is broken. In this episode, Derek and Sean discuss why exactly it's broken, and what we can do to make it better.

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    47: Star Wars Oranges

    Ruby 2.3 is out! What are we looking forward to trying and what do we think of &. and try? Stick around after the credits for spoiler-filled discussion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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    46: Don't Breathe, Save the Planet

    We discuss the maintenance burden of ActionCable and its dependencies on Rails 5, follow-up on Scenic issues, and discuss implementing migrations anew in Diesel.

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    45: I Think I'd Prefer An Error to Nonsense

    Derek shipped Scenic 1.0, which spurs a conversation about semantic versioning and the value of the 1.0 milestone. We discuss what the bar for breaking changes in a library should be and look at some specific changes on tap for Scenic and whether they will or should carry a major version bump.

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    44: It Won't Crash... It Might Crash

    Sean has shipped early versions of Diesel, an ORM for Rust! We discuss its semantic versioning, the ergonomics of use versus the complexities of implementation, early issues with the API and the road to Diesel 1.0.

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    42: That's Incredibly Ambitious (Grayson Wright)

    We speak to Grayson Wright about building Administrate, an open source Rails framework for administrative interfaces. What makes Administrate different than existing solutions and what are the challenges in maintaining high-level dependencies.

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    40: ActiveRecord Deprecated Persistence

    The ActiveRecord update API is a mess of methods that confuse even ActiveRecord’s maintainer. What are the problems and is there any hope for a solution?

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    39: Okay with Instability (Yehuda Katz)

    We talk with Yehuda Katz about how much risk is right for you and your app, the sharp tools of high level abstractions, and how our statistical intuition leads us astray on web performance.

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    38: Ugh, Forms

    Laila and Derek discuss how they have handled forms with complex validation requirements and how to make these forms have a smooth user experience.

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    37: The Web is Faster Without Garbage

    Begun, the ad block wars have. Derek debugs an issue that arises from iOS ad blocking and wonders if analytics will move back to the server side. Sean fills us in on how dirty checking works in ActiveRecord and how he's making it faster and better in Rails 5.

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    36: Python Unchained

    Derek and Laila talk about learning Python and Django and discuss how thoughtbot adopts new languages, frameworks, and libraries. What factors influence adoption? How do we share what works and doesn't work?

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    35: GitHub Ate My Résumé

    Sean and Derek explain why you should always use a personal email address in your Git configuration before they dive into Ruby exception handling, and potential MRI proc optimizations.

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    Derek is joined by Laila Winner to discuss Neo4j, the importance of fantastic documentation, and the different types of documentation a project requires.

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    32: Bug For Bug Compatibility

    Derek and Sean discuss Microsoft's interest in open source, improving the Rails development story on Windows, and Sean's progress implementing an ORM in Rust.

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    31: Oxidizing an ORM

    Are provably correct queries of interest to you? Sean gives a rundown of what a Rusty ORM might be like to build.

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    30: Just Go to Slash Wibble

    Derek and Sean discuss hypothetical changes to Rails routing before turning their attention toward hunting memory bloat and the proposal that strings be frozen by default in Ruby 3.

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    28: Minisode 0.1.1

    Did you know Rails has no integration test suite? What could go wrong?

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    26: My Cache is in the Cloud

    This week, Sean and Derek discuss performance and inheriting code. In a stroke of complete madness, Derek decides that turbolinks isn't that bad.

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    25: Throwing the Schema Out With the SOAPy Bathwater (Gordon Fontenot)

    Derek is joined by Gordon Fontenot for a discussion of the JSON API specification, problems consuming it from Swift, and the future of functional programming in Swift.

    This episode of The Bike Shed is sponsored by Code School. Entertaining online learning for existing and aspiring developers. Leave a review on our iTunes page to be entered to win a free month of Code School.

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    24: You Look Good in a Lab Coat (Richard Schneeman)

    Richard Schneeman joins The Bike Shed to discuss ruby memory use, horizontal scaling, and tackling open source issues big and small.

    This episode of The Bike Shed is sponsored by Code School. Entertaining online learning for existing and aspiring developers. Leave a review on our iTunes page to be entered to win a free month of Code School.

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    23: Why Did They Call it Rust?!

    Sean gives Derek a tour of Rust, a new systems language from Mozilla.

    This episode of The Bike Shed is sponsored by Code School. Entertaining online learning for existing and aspiring developers. Leave a review on our iTunes page to be entered to win a free month of Code School.

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    22: No Capes! (Eileen Uchitelle)

    Eileen Uchitelle joins the show to discuss performance improvements to ActiveRecord, speeding up integration tests, and contributing to or running open source projects.

    This episode of The Bike Shed is sponsored by Code School. Entertaining online learning for existing and aspiring developers. Leave a review on our iTunes page to be entered to win a free month of Code School.

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    20: Intentionally Excruciatingly Painful

    We're joined by Josh Clayton to discuss our differing strategies on testing view behavior, strategies for dealing with brittle feature specs, and what types of tests each of us favor.

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    16: Wizards Are Hard to Kill

    Grab Bag! Derek and Sean talk about math, augmented reality, RailsConf wrap up, Minimum Viable Products, Accessibility...

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    13: Begrudging Applause (Aaron Patterson)

    Live from RailsConf, Aaron Patterson joins the show to talk about Rails 5, Rack 2, Contributing to Open Source, and cats. We also field audience questions.

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    11: Form-ing Opinions

    Sean and Derek talk about the state of Android tooling, refactoring journeys, and an approach to rails form objects.

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    9: Monorails, For the Kids

    Sean and Derek discuss Monoliths, Service Oriented Architecture, and the new Adapter Specific Type Registry in Rails 5.

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    7: At the Car Wash

    Derek and Sean talk trade schools, sneaky bugs, bad method names, before_filters, and the Superbowl.

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    5: Rails is Not Your Architecture

    Derek and Sean discuss various ways of taking the Rails out of your Ruby on Rails application, what folder to put your files in, and the difficulties and rewards of learning new programming languages.

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    4: Put Everything on the Front End

    Derek and Sean discuss hunting Rails performance regressions and techniques for improving performance in your web applications.

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    3: Flipping the Script

    Sean and Derek take a fresh look at the tradeoffs in writing CoffeeScript and whether we should be using an ES6 transpiler instead.

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    2: Rails 4.2

    Derek and Sean discuss Sean's commit access to Rails, what's coming in Rails 4.2, and how to go about making Rails code better.

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    1: Sandi & Derek's Rules

    Sean and Derek discuss lessons learned from following Sandi Metz' rules on a project and the overall impact of rules on code.

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